The first Spanish poltergeist was Valencian

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Location Plaza del Esparto en Valencia

Did you know that the first case of “Poltergeist” registered in Spain is said to have occurred in Valencia in 1915?

The word Poltergeist, which comes from the German Poltern, “make noise,” and Geist, “ghost,” is a paranormal phenomenon of a violent and inexplicable nature. The events occurred in the mezzanine of the number 7 of the Plaza del Esparto in Valencia. It was the first police intervention, required by neighbors who spoke of strange events, in this case of the Civil Guard, of a supposed haunted house or poltergeist, where the blows, noises and other circumstances resulted in the press baptizing that place as ” the house of the Elf of Esparto “or” the house of toucame roque “.