The other Valencia

Special buildings

The red building

Built in 1933, it has been welcoming Valencians between its walls since then.

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The narrowest building of Europe

This surprising house, because it is so narrow, is located in the heart of Valencia, in the Plaza Lope de Vega.

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The jewish house

It was built in 1930 under the Art-Deco current with Arab-Indian influences

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Cats house

This house occupies the number 9 of the street of the Museum.

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Special stories

The barber of Manyans street

It is curious to know that the legend of Sweeney Todd..

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Look at the big bird

There is a story that my father told us when we were little, whenever we went to the Central Market, which was almost every Saturday.

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The first Spanish poltergeist was Valencian

Did you know that the first case of “Poltergeist” registered in Spain is said to have occurred in Valencia in 1915?

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The flood of 1957

Such a day as today 62 years ago a terrible flood sowed chaos in the center..

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